IIS Solutions

We provide Custom Software Develoment, Web based Appliactions, E-Commerce Web Sites, Custom Database Design & Development, Web Content Management System (CMS) and many others.

Our Services

IIS Solutions services include a varitey of services option regarding software development. Below is a list of our services.

Web Sites Design and Development:

IIS Solutions team members have years of experience in the area of web design and development. This experience broaden their scope to access many and up-to-date technological tools that are used to accommodate our clients' needs and expectations. Our primary goal is to create from the website an efficient and effective marketing tool for our clients businesses.

Mobile Websites Design and Development:

The use of mobile phones and devices in browsing the Internet is becoming very common and continues to grow exponentially. Therefore, mobile applications and mobile websites are becoming necessary tools in the market place. Optimizing your website for mobile browsers is essential to keep your business ahead of the competition . IIS Solutions has a highly qualified and skilled team for designing mobile websites and applications of different levels of complexity.

DotNetNuke (DNN):

DNN is a Web Content Management System (CMS) built on Microsoft ASP.NET, and a web application development framework. DotNetNuke is a flexible content management system that allows end users to modify and post contents to their websites in a short amount of time, without the need to go back to the developer, therefore reducing the cost of contents modifications and updates. Whether you currently have a DNN website, or you are planning to get a new DNN website our team at IIS Solutions has the qualifications and proficiency to meet your needs and specifications. IIS Solutions will evaluate your existing website and provide you with detailed analysis, and provide recommendations on how to upgrade an existing website.

E-Commerce Web Sites:

In our design and development for e-commerce websites we use the most efficient approaches to address our clients' needs and expectations, by providing the most secure and reliable services, and by having a good public and global representation of our clients' businesses on the web.


IIS Solutions will always try to maintain a long lasting relationship with their clients. Therefore, we offer the day-to-day service by offering hosting and hosting management for our clients. This will ensure that up-to-date technologies are used to host our clients' websites and databases. Our team will always make sure to update the hosting environment on regular bases, and release the client from this responsibility.

Custom Database Design & Development:

Our team members have years of experience in teaching and implementation of database design and development. Our goal is to build a fast, efficient, and reliable database system that speeds and simplifies the storing, retrieving, and modifying of the data. It further focuses on building a database that allows the generating of a wide range of reporting scenarios.

Web-Based and Windows-Based Applications:

We build web-based software to make it accessible to you from any machine on the Internet without having to install the software on that machine. All what you need is an Internet access and a browser to access your software remotely. In addition, Our team members have many years of experience in developing Web & Windows applications for organizations that need to keep their software local on their own machines, and isolated from the public network.

Information Technology Consulting:

Our team members have long years of industry, academic, and research experience in different areas of IT. This experience puts our team members at the cutting edge of technology to provide the most efficient and reliable solutions for all your organization's IT needs.

Network Design and Configurations:

While our firm does not provide this service directly, but we have connection and high level of coordination with reliable companies that can provide you with the service you need.

IIS Solutions Custom Services

Our IIS team provides additional services that is not listed in the page, like custom network installation, computer installation, backup solutions and many others.